Kaizen is a strategy touted in Lead Manufacturing and Six Sigma practices that promotes continuous incremental improvements that lead to big efficiency gains on the manufacturing floor. A Fortune 100 Manufacturer has combined this philosophy with microservices to create a truly fast, agile way to streamline many processes within the company.


This Fortune 100 Manufacturer’s IT department worked with the manufacturing engineers to devise a way to automate this process with software improvements. The aviation manufacturing engineering team had already purchased bluetooth enabled torque wrenches that were capable of sending the read out to a receiving system, but they never had the software infrastructure to receive the data.

Using Azuqua, the IT team created a series of microservices that connected to the Azuqua platform via API. This included the bluetooth devices, the receiving system, and the logging system. The manufacturing team was able to provide the logic and process expertise to build the workflows.

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Learn how this Fortune 100 used Azuqua's integration platform and allowed the IT and manufacturing team to work together to deploy useable software in a matter of days.